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Order contraction & Single part Manufacturing

You are in need for a special spare part but the company which could deliver is no more existent or delivery time is much too long?

It often is difficult or very expensive to get spare parts if the producing company is no longer existent. Also, in these cases delivery times often are much too long.
We are able to produce many of such parts like gears, drive shafts etc.  promptly on basis of samples or drawings. On request components can be dissembled and mounted again after designing a drawing or a CAD construction.
Also it is possible to overhaul a component. That enables you to work with the old component until arrival of replacement. We also produce tools and devices according to your constructions.
On demand we deliver a complete solution, which includes integration in hydraulic and electrical steering.

•    Prompt delivery
•    Competitive pricing
•    Replacement after receipt of spares possible


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